Speedvision works by integrating a video camera and screen inside the modified Speedar housing so that it becomes a complete speed measuring and display system.

Speed and direction are measured by the radar system in the same manner as in the Speedar, this speed information is then sent to the camera module where it is added into the video so that it appears on screen with the video picture.

The video frame displayed can be frozen by pressing the lock button on the Speedvision, this stops the internal frame memory from being updated and a constant frame is output to the screen and via the output lead, to a video recorder or printer.

On switch on the camera lens is preset to a focal length which gives approximately the same field of view as the radar, the focal length can be zoomed to give a different field of view if required. A version of the camera is also available which sees near infra red so that video may be taked in conditions of no visible light.

If video is being recorded a signal is sent to the video recorder to make a mark on the tape corresponding to positions whenthe lock button has been pushed, this makes it easy to search for events on a recorded tape by looking for the event markers. If a video printer is being used, the same signal can command the printer to print one frame.

It is also possible to store locked frame images on solid state memories such as flash cards or on a computer disk.