works by measuring speeds and direction in the same way that Speedar does, however for the person doing traffic surveys it reduces the time and effort required by storing the information about the target vehicle in an internal memory.

Each time the trigger button is pushed Speedlog stores the current targets speed, direction and time in its internal memory. This memory is organised into 8 blocks of 512 locations. These blocks are further subdivided into 2 to store one direction in each subblock .

The blocks can be given names which we call site names, of 8 characters each. The subblocks are numbered 0-15, oncoming vehicles are stored in even number subblocks and receding ones in odd number subblocks. This means that the operator can store up to 256 readings in each direction at 8 different places before downloading the stored information.

While the operator is taking readings the total number of vehicles logged in each direction is shown on the screen as well as an average speed for each direction and an 85% ile for each direction. Speedlog stores readings in the correct direction automatically, avoiding the need to point it in different directions to log each direction of traffic.

When logging is finished, the stored information can easily be downloaded into a laptop or pc via the inbuilt serial port and cable. No special software is needed to download the information, any standard terminal program such as Hyperterminal, supplied as part of windows is quite sufficient. Data may then be imported into excel or any other program for analysis