Our interactive speed displays are ideal for slowing down traffic in problem areas such as school entrances. The speed of vehicles is highly visible to EVERYONE in the vicinity and this produces an embarrassment factor in drivers exceeding the limit usually causing them to slow down. They also serve to alert drivers whose concentration is wandering.

Also helpful in slowing down traffic at road works where worker protection is needed, the messages shown by the LED signs are particularly usefull here as they may also be made to flash thus attracting attention.

Versions with mechanical displays are ideal for portable use where they may be carried in the back of a van or large car and placed at chosen sites for short periods. These have built in batteries which last for over 2 days between charges.

Versions with LED displays are more suitable for semi- permanent installation where they can be set to flash messages such as SLOW DOWN or TOO FAST as well as or instead of speeds. These versions require external power eg 12V car battery. Narrow viewing angles make then visible even on sunny days and the leds are the approved road signal orange tint.

All these interactive signs are driven from a Speedar radar or logger which may be internal or external. Versions with the inbuilt logger can also be used to verify their own effectiveness by storing vehicle speeds and numbers.